Hospitalists in Psychiatric Medicine

Between 30 and 60 percent of adult inpatients suffer from significant psychological dysfunction secondary to their medical illness that would qualify for a psychiatric consultation. To address this issue, many hospitals have adopted the hospitalist model of staffing and are incorporating psychiatric hospitalists to treat psychiatric patients who are in the hospital.

Watch this brief video of Larry Wellikson, MD, SFHM, CEO of the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) discussing  five things psychiatric hospitalists can do with SHM.

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Additional Resources and Articles for Psychiatric Hospitalists

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Creating the Hospital of the Future: The Implications for Hospital-Focused Physician Practice (Insert link to PDF entitled AHAH HFP doc - missing file) Collaboration report between the American Hospital Association’s Physician Leadership Forum and the Society of Hospital Medicine, and generously sponsored by Apogee Physicians, Delphi Healthcare Partners, Inc. and Eagle Hospital Physicians.

Hospitalist-Focused Practice As specialists adopt HM model, need for new terminology, cooperationgrows.

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